Andrea Segato, Miamaa's captain, speaks about their partnership with Orbis Yacht

Captain Segato, how has your work changed since it has been possible to use the Internet on-board?

Both my work and that of anyone who works on-board a mega yacht has changed drastically. Firstly, we have a series of instruments available, such as technical assistance, remote control, the availability of rapid data updates for navigation and the operational management of the boat in general, which were unimaginable before. It must be added that life on board for the crew has become much more comfortable since it is possible to continuously keep abreast with what is happening in the world and connect with home in real time.

From the perspective of welcoming the client, I can say what probably most of my colleagues would claim: the first question put by a guest once they come on board is: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”.


Broadband Internet on mega yachts has been available for more than a decade, have you seen any changes in the provision of the service?

Certainly. Until a few years ago, the connections were relatively slow, with limiting technologies and very high costs. Remember the middle of the nineties, when there were the first Internet connections, how slow they were and how long it took to download a page? I’m talking about L band connections and the first VSAT services.

Today, thanks to the spread of new technologies, such as the satellite bandwidth and the cellular network, it is possible to have high quality, fast Internet connectivity at an accessible price in practically all the navigation areas of a yacht.


You work on the provision and management of all the Miamaa services. As the person responsible for these services with regard to the shipowner, what are your strategies for acquiring Internet connectivity?

Internet is not a secondary service, as I was saying earlier, and the expectations both of guests and those who live on-board are very high. For this reason, I decided to put my faith in a specialist provider like Orbis Yacht, which entirely covers me for the supply of satellite and cellular connectivity.

Whatever the problem, it is important for the captain of a yacht, especially in high season, to have support on which he can count at any time of the day and night. And this is one of the reasons that we have again renewed our partnership this year, after several years of satisfaction.

The choice to work with Orbis Yacht is also connected to the excellent human relations that we have with both the sales manager and the technical team: speaking with trained personnel who are ready to listen makes all the difference.


Captain Segato, how do you see the use of Internet on-board developing?

Guests and crew always expect more internet with performance and costs comparable to domestic and office use. A yacht is an office and so has the needs of an office but, at the same time, it is also a luxury residence, with the respective needs. I don’t believe it will ever be possible to have connectivity costs on-board ship equal to those in a city but the performance must get increasingly close to this standard and it seems to me that satellite and cellular technologies are advancing very quickly in this direction.

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